Thursday, July 12, 2012

After 23 years of marriage she decided to cal it over. I didn't know what to do. She said she was tired and love wasn't enough. Love is enough for friends because they don't expect as much she said. But do they? They want support like I do. They want kindness. They want everything I do except the 23 years of history. I know I fucked up. Once years ago she one something I said I forgave her for. I gave her a second chance. But did I ? I joked around about it. So I never really let it go. So I never took that second chance. That wasn't fair to her.

She gave me so much and I told her and many things I didn't . Yes she hurt me but it was my choice to stay or put up with it. She is the love of my life. Her friend thinks I am the toxic to the relationship. But is she to us? Did she come between us?She asked me to join something to help my marriage that would garuntee it would fix things because it did hers. My wife asked me to. So I did even after I didn't want to . But after awhile I was glad I did. But it didn't work my wife never tried. She said she gave up a long time ago even after saying we was fine and doing great. She didn't to hurt me. We took a vow and we said we believed  in them but I guess that was wrong.

I am starting to deal . It is hard. It hasn't been very long. I will always be married to her. Don't want another girl. She said she isn't looking but she act like she is. Hell she even talks about me to her and I even get made fun of sometimes. I have emotions but I am not suppose to because i am a guy. She is great and i am suppose to believe her and  grow. I believe in my family and her. I never lost my way just forgot something. I love you Sheena. you don't have to return the feelings. Better for worse richer for poor. good time and bad times for the rest of my life.

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